Sunday, 9 August 2020

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Hello friends,
Today i came back with an interesting topic on Whatsapp.
I think everyone have this question that, Does our whatsapp chat is secured or not?
Today I'm going to explain whether our chat is safe or not and END-TO-END ENCRYPTION in whatsapp and how it works.

Let's get into the topic

What is END-TO-END?
As we known end to end means one point to another point or one person to another person.

Encryption means converting the data into code format.
For example:-
-->When a user types a message "hello" and clicks on Send button the whole message will be converted into Code format as shown in below picture.
-->The coded message only travel from one device to another device, if the hacker hacked that data they can't do anything with that because the data is in code format.

-->Whenever the message received to the recepient the code message will converted to original message like this
          I Copied the same coded message and pasted over the above Text area and clicked on decrypt the original message is displayed in below text area.

May be you have a question that, hackers also can do this trick to decrypt the message,
i have answer for it.

Whatsapp uses one of the difficult type encryption called Curve25519 it is quite impossible to decrypt by the hacker.

✓Every mobile have a two keys
         1.Public key 
         2.Private key
Public key: Public key is a shared key, this key is stored in whatsapp servers, if your contact is stored in someone's mobile they have your public key also, public key is just like a identifier.
        -->Public key is used to encrypt the message.
 Private key: Private key is generated in our mobile by Whatsapp server but whatsapp doesn't store this key.
          -->Private key is used to Decrypt the message.

For example: There are two phones called Phone-A and Phone-B
-->If the user sent a message Hello from Phone-A to Phone-B
So, The Phone-B public key will encrypt the message whenever send key pressed in phone-A.
When the message is reached to Phone-B the private key of Phone-B Decrypts the message and displays in the Phone-B.

--> In every mobile the public key and private key are interlinked. So, if the message is encrypted by Phone-A's public key that message will decrypted only by the Phone-A's private key
--> The Private key is not stored in whatsapp servers. so, even whatsapp can't read our messages.

Conclusion: Whatsapp chat is secured you and your chatting person only can see your messages and no one can see even whatsapp also can't see your messages. 
Hope you understand, Share to your friends and family

Thank you and Keep Smile😊.

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