Thursday, 5 June 2014

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How To Locate Mobile From Browser Online When its Lost

Worrying Security For Your Smart Phone? 

Are you worried about your smart phone to get away from thieves by keeping an eye always on it? Now, No need to worry. you can enjoy very well by without worrying on anywhere.

For the people those who worries about security for your smart phone, A new app got released in the market with the name "LOOK OUT". Now a days, A mobile phone means everything. It does a lot of works from storing contact numbers, credit/debit card numbers to pay bills, online transactions, sending pics, confidential matters etc. We can't imagine even a day without "smart phone". However, we are caring our smart phones much, the bitter fact is we have to compromise in security at certain point. It may be through WiFi /Internet / passwords / thefts etc.
By using "LookOut" app you can protect your device by security threats, loss and thefts.

What does Lookout app will do for your smartphone ?

  • With Lookout app, Your phone will be very safe and secure.
  • Protect your device from malware.
  • Scan every app to ensure it's safe.
  • Block malicious websites.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • See which apps access your private info.
  • Wipe your data so no one can access it.
  • Prevent encounters with phishing scams.

How Lookout app helps you ?

  • Lookout gives you a fighting chance of getting your lost or stolen phone back, whether it’s in the couch cushions or lost after a night out.

With lookout app :


    • Locate : With the help of Lookout app,you can locate your device on any web browser.
    • Scream : You can make your device to scream ( siren ) when you lost the device or when you forgotten your device in self/under cot etc.
    • Lock + Wipe : When your device falls in unsecured person's hands, you can lock it and wipe all the data ( personal details, accounts etc) from your device by remotely.
    • Signal Flare : Lookout automatically saves your device’s last known location when your battery gets low, giving you the best possible chance to find your lost phone.
    • Theft Alerts : When Someone uses your device, Lookout will captures photo of "Theftie" and location details to your mail.  
    Top Feature : Locate your phone on a Google map from any web browser.

    Price :

    • Lookout App will be available for Android , IOS versions. Lookout comes with two schemes :
      1. $3 per month
      2. $30 for a year

    Is Lookout app available only in paid version ?

    • No, Lookout app can available in free version but its features are limited in free version.

    Free features :

    • Get essential security to keep your device safe.
    • Automatic protection from viruses, malware and spyware
    • Find your lost or stolen phone quickly
    • Save a copy of your Google contacts
    • Learn more about Lookout for Android

    Premium Features :

    • Comprehensive security for mobile peace of mind.
    • Stay safe from viruses, malware and phishing attacks
    • Manage the apps that can access personal info
    • Back up your contacts and irreplaceable photos
    • Remotely Lock or Wipe your phone to protect your data

    Can't Wait ???

    To download a free version / To buy / for more details , Please go to the website "LOOKOUT".

    Hope This guide will help you to find the best app for your stolen/lost android phone/tab, if u have any other app apart from this, please let me know by commenting below. Thanks For Reading :)

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