Wednesday, 11 June 2014

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How To Block any Website on PC without using any Software

How to Block any website without using any software


Many of you wants to block / restrict any Website on your Computer either for children safety or any other reason. you can use this trick to block any websites without using any software.
Simply follow the steps to block any website by adding host details ina notepad. The website that you want to block can be any website, lets assume Facebook. So, here we start with the process


  • Go to Start Menu and Right click on Notepad.
  • Select Run as Administrator, select 'Yes' on user control access popup in windows 7/vista, a blank notepad will open.
  • then go to File->open, Browse the location C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc, select the file type as "all", you will see the Host file in it.
  • click on it and at the bottom, include your website which want to be block in the below format, here am blocking Facebook. " #"
  • after adding save the notepad, that's it you successfully blocked Facebook website.

Note: Delete your web browser History and Cache before you modify the Windows host file.
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This article is for purely educational purpose only, Don't use it against anyone to harm and Alltechspot is not responsible for any illegal activity based on the content. 
Hope this small tip will help you to block any website on your PC without using any software, if you found any difficulty or error in above steps then let me know in below comments.

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