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How to Open / Access Blocked sites at College / Office easily

Hi Friends, many people are searching for this article to get access into restricted websites in their college or office. generally when we are trying to open some social networking sites like Facebook, Google+ or some other downloading websites like Torrents, YouTube, but unfortunately these websites are blocked by the administration in their premises, I know it sucks and we are trying to open that websites again and again but at last we didn’t get anything. so, to overcome this situation am going to show you the easiest way to open blocked sites.

Top Methods to Open / Access Blocked sites

Method 1: Use Google Cache

  • Open Google search engine and type the name of blocked website by using the following syntax Cache:<website name> e.g
  • The website you requested will open in front of you, enjoy access to blocked sites.

Method 2: Using IP address instead of website URL

Usually Administrator makes a list of blocked websites to restrict, but he someimtes block domain name rather than the IP address so you can use that domain IP address to open blocked sites.
  • Go to start menu, then select Run and type "cmd".
  • Press OK and command prompt will open.
  • Type ping <name of blocked website > e.g: ping, now the command prompt will show the IP address of entered website.
  • simply type the IP address in the address bar of browser and hit enter.

Method 3: Checking domain name in the "Host

The Host file will be found in (C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC), open with notepad as Administrator and remove the domain which is like (, the complete steps can shown in the below article.

I am not encouraging you to use this trick to open blocked sites that you are banned from surfing in colleges and work place, its just for learning purpose. I shall not be responsible for any damages or rules and regulation you violate from using these methods.
Note: This article is for purely educational purpose only, Don't use it against anyone to harm and Alltechspot is not responsible for any illegal activity based on the content.
Hope it Helps you to access any blocked website easily , Please give us feedback in the below comment box.

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