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How To Quickly Book Tatkal Tickets Online From IRCTC

IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.) is the most busiest web page in India. people used to travel especially in seasons. IRCTC tatkal reservation opens from 10: 00 AM and stays open up to till evening. To book a new ticket, you need to act fast and smart because those reservation tickets are gone first 45 minutes after the booking window unwraps. Its not easy to book confirm tatkal tickets through online, it looks available seats are available in the page, when you typing passenger details,in few seconds the availability becomes a waiting list. i know its sucks, That’s why here is the trick to book IRCTC tatkal tickets online faster and also applies for normal booking.This is not a hack or any kind of illegal activity to speed up your IRCTC Tatkal Booking system. I found few methods to improve our ticket booking much faster.

Ways to Book IRCTC Tatkal ticket Fast

Method 1: Install Ad block in your web browser

IRCTC website contains ads on their site and also contain number of image ads and some Java scripts which slow your online Tatkal booking process, To disable ads on your browser there is free tool available on the internet called “AdBlock Plus”.
For Firefox, Get it here.

For Google Chrome, Get it here.

After Installed, Just restart your browser. The ads wont d

Method 2: Installing Auto Refresher Plugin

The most common error we are getting while booking tatkal tickets is "YOUR SESSION HAS EXPIRED", because is the reason of typing slowly or some other security reasons. It means you need to login again but
now it is very hard to Login during Tatkal time. There is one plugin available named “Auto Refresh” on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both web browser, This plugin will refresh your web pages automatically according to your given time period.
For Google Chrome
  1. Open your Google chrome browser.
  2. Get the Auto Refresh Plugin  and install the Auto Refresh Plugin.
  3. Restart the browser and Login to your IRCTC account before 15-20 Minute and Open any other irctc Page in another Window.
  4. Simply click on the icon and set the auto refresh time (In seconds) and click on start.
For Mozilla Firefox
  • Follow the above 3 steps and get the Auto Refresher plugin.
  • right click on the page and select "Auto Refresh" and set the time.

Method 3: Use magic Auto Fill for IRCTC

Magic Auto fill is a bookmarklet created by Amit Agarwal, founder of labnol is one of the top most blogger in India. This tool will help you to book tatkal tickets quickly. Actually this tool doesn’t book tickets but it helps you to complete the booking process by saving the passenger details in booking process. Check here how it works.
  • Go to the AutoFill website.
  • Now click on Fill Reservation form, you will see the passenger form details which you have to fill in time of booking.
  • Simply fill the form of passenger details.
  • After filling the form, click on “I’m feeling lucky” button.
  • Now Drag the Magic Autofill into bookmark.
  • Click on “Magic Autofill” Button when your are on the IRCTC website Passenger Form page, It will Auto Fill the form Instantly and you can proceed for Payment Gateway.
Note: These are the simple methods to book Tatkal tickets fast on IRCTC website, we are not responsible if you missuse this methods, This methods are only for personal use.
Hope you like this article on IRCTC Tatkal booking Fast, If you have any query or doubt regarding on the above methods then let me know through comment box.

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