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How to Send Scheduled Birthday Wishes to Your Facebook Friends

Scheduled Birthday Wishes to Your Facebook Friends

Hi Friends, sometimes you forget to congratulate the friends for their birthday wishes and also sending your friends birthday wishes on Facebook, via phone call or messages. Being too busy to remember is not a good way to explain your absent-mindedness, now you can easily prepare a birthday card for tour friends.

However, for a Facebook user with thousands of friends, it is difficult for yourself to remember all your friends’ birthday and send those friends with birthday a happy birthday greeting in every single day. What happen if you did not login to your Facebook account in certain day? You will be missing the chance to wish your friends happy birthday right?

To avoid this,u can schedule automated birthday wishes. Every time a birthday arrives, a birthday wish will be automatically posted on your friend’s Facebook Wall. there is a best way to get it done with BirthdayFB, a web application that will automatically do just that.

Here are the few simple steps to schedule the birthday wishes on BirthdayFb.

Step 1: Go to BirthdayFb official website and login with your facebook account.
Step 2: After Login, you will be redirected to the main page, where you will get a list of upcoming birthdays of your friends on Facebook.
Step 3: There are 3 sections you can see in the screenshot.

In the "Write Messages" TAB, select the Birthday wish you want to post on your friend’s wall. You can use the dropdown menu to select ‘canned’ messages. Canned messages are pre-set messages you have saved earlier, or that are presented by BirthdayFB.

In the "Canned Messages" TAB, wishes are saved and re-usable messages. Every time when you save a new message, it will appear in your collection.

In the "Scheduled Message" TAB, the messages are scheduled according to Time and Date.

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