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How To Bypass Surveys While Downloading Files

So many peoples are suffering from surveys to download the files in the websites, because if they can't complete the survey, they can't able to download files. when you are trying to reach the file, the surveys will block your progress, this is the way for the internet marketers to gather information and use them to make money. if you dont want to give your information, you must bypass surveys.

today i am going to show you how to bypass them and download any file that you want fast and easily. Q:Before going to bypass/skip the surveys, you have to know What is a survey websites?
A:Survey websites are the sites which not allow downloading files without completing a survey form.

There are lot methods are there to bypass surveys, in that i will tell you the best two methods, one is XJZ Survey Remover Bookmark and the second one is Inspect element in the Browser.

Mehod 1: Using XJZ Survey Remover Bookmark

  •  Go to Survey Remover Bookmark and Install by right clicking on the "XJZ Survey Remover" and select "Bookmark This Link".
  • Give the Name for bookmarklet and put it in a folder (e.g. one named "Bookmarklets") or any other place if you want to. Then Click "Save".
  • To find the bookmarklet, expand the Bookmarks menu in the Firefox tab.
  • Visit On pages with surveys, Once the Surveys are opened, click on the bookmarklet to run the XJZ Survey Remover.

Method 2: Using Inspect element in the Browsers

  • Visit the pages with Surveys, you can use any browser which contains Inspect Element.
  • Right click on the Surveys, choose "Inspect element", this will open a window at the bottom of the browser.
  • Look for the Survey in the Developer tab and find the words.
  • Right Click on the entries and Disable it by Selecting “Disable element” or “Delete node” to remove that object from the website.
  I just hope this will help you little bit, if i missed out anything by mistake, please let me know. 

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  1. cool article about survey remover Dilip
    But is working now

  2. cool article about survey remover Dilip
    But is working now